My Work

I’m Brian Cornett.   I work with salvaged material because I like the challenge of repurposing and using material in unexpected ways. It is cost effective and cutting down waste is a plus. Looking at a few old rusted mower blades but seeing in my mind a polished, textured picture frame and then crafting it is a rewarding process.  Or collecting used hot water heaters, stripping and cutting them then creating a colorful 12 foot daisy is pretty exciting. 
I enjoy meeting and interacting with the people who I get materials from.  Gathering used metal, hot water heaters, random pieces and cool old industrial bits takes some hunting.  Striking up conversations and learning about people seems to stir up more leads for materials and build new relationships and connections.
As I learn to work with my website it will improve.  Keep visiting, please.  I will add more as I create and post pictures and commentary on the stages and process of making my pieces.
Thanks for visiting. 
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Brian Cornett

 My latest Flower is at the entrance to a ranch on FM 50 near Snook, Texas.  It is 12 feet tall and is a native annaul called a Crown Tickseed. 




The Texas-Size Daisy below is 12 feet tall and is now in Salado, Texas on the corner of Church Street and Van Bibber.

The Flower below is at 418 North Main Street in Salado, Texas.